The benefits of building with ICF
are now available through Thermohouse.

Residential Advantages
"A" rated buildings
Improved Living environment
Reduced Energy Bills
Long life span
Superior fire rating
Superior noise reduction

Commercial Advantages
Reduced energy demand
Flexible building system
Fully certified
Superior noise reduction
Faster erection time results
Shorter Programme

Thermo House building system is the highest quality ICF (insulated concrete formwork) available in Ireland today. For over 20 years the Thermo House system has been providing quality homes throughout Europe. With a proven track record and full product certification, both the builder and home owner can be assured of a superior finished house.

The Thermo House building system is manufactured in a state of the art factory, guaranteeing speedy delivery, service and support. Our technical team is ready to respond to any query with practical advice on quick and efficient installation.

The Occupier
When you build with the Thermohouse system you will be living in a super insulated state of the art home, with a greatly improved living environment
- Healthy indoor environment - problems associated with condensation, mould and mildew are eliminated
- Greatly reduced heating bills
- Elimination of draughts and cold spots
- Excellent acoustic performance
- Superior fire rating
- Guaranteed minimum life span of 60 years
- Safeguard the future value of your home

The Developer
With Irish Agrement Board Certification(IAB), European Technical Approval (EOTA) and CE quality marked you can have total confidence in the Thermohouse system to deliver a superior quality development.
- Excellent thermal performance from “A” rated to Passive house standard
- Standard Building Energy Rating (BER)
- Substantially reduced building time
- Superior structural strength
- Superior sound proofing
- Reduced Health & Safety risks - lightweight elements, minimal requirement for tools and equipment
- Complies with Building Regulations
- Improved pressure test for air leakage
- Minimum 60 year life span

The Designer
The Thermohouse system allows the architect to create new innovative designs due to the strength and flexibility of the system.
- “A” rated build or Passive house standard
- Substantially reduced building time
- Complies with Building Regulations
- U value of walls from 0.23 to 0.11
- U Value of roof 0.15
- Lightweight material and easy to transport and install
- Benefits from Thermal Mass
- Comprehensive fire protection
- Elimination of cold bridging

The Environment
In Europe 40% of all energy consumption is associated with heating buildings. With rising energy costs we are now more conscious of the world we live in.
- Materials are environmentally sustainable - efficient use of natural resources
- Continuous energy saving over the life span of the building
- High thermal mass of the concrete means more "fabric energy storage"
- Waste & Recycling - minimal waste during construction and any waste is recyclable
- The manufacture and use of the Thermohouse system does not generate any risk to health or to the environment

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