Technical Support
Our fully qualified technical team is available to respond if any query on quick and efficient installation.

The Thermo House System is manufactured in a dedicated state of the art factory guaranteeing speedy delivery service and support.

Thermo House Ltd shall be responsible for the design supply and installation of the system.
Installation shall be carried out directly by Thermo House Ltd or by installers who have successfully completed the Thermo House Installer programme.

Q: Is the Thermohouse system approved?
Yes. The Thermohouse system is unique in that it is a complete sub-floor to roof system that has received both European Technical Approval, LABC and NHBC Certification.

Q: Can I build my home with the Thermohouse Low Energy Building System?
Yes, The Thermohouse system is an easy to install system and flexible to cater for all design types on new builds and extensions. Approved for up to 6 storeys, upon completion, you will be guaranteed a solid cast-in-situ concrete structure inclusive of all load-bearing walls. You can opt for external walls only or you can include the system options of concrete floors using the Thermohouse flooring system and can complete the build with Thermohouse’s a highly insulated roofing system. The choice is yours as all sections of the Thermohouse system can be incorporated into any type building system.

Q: Why should I build my house with Thermohouse?
The Thermohouse system is a concrete built, low energy building system which offers you the opportunity to avoid high running and maintenance costs. The complete system in which can achieve airtightness levels from 0.6 to 1.5 fully eliminates draughts, leaks, condensation. It is designed to achieve a more controlled internal environment and a superior filtered air quality. Your home will be built to achieve the highest standards in low energy usage and provides a high quality home with an excellent resale value.

Q: Does a Thermohouse building system cost more than other building systems?
If you were to compare the Thermohouse system that is designed to surpass the building regulations as individual sections of the build e.g. walls, floor, roof etc. then you will find that the Thermohouse system will be approx. 10% higher than traditional building systems built to meet building regulations. The Thermohouse system has been detailed to be cheaper than traditional systems when the objective is to surpass the regulations. Also, in comparing the cost of the Thermohouse system against other systems you will need to factor in its effect on reducing the associated cost of the other elements of the build. The main areas of reference here are the labour savings in the speed of construction, the ease to complete electrical and plumping work, and the overall hardware requirements for heating and hot water. In addition to these you will enjoy the ongoing savings from the sustainable low energy running environment and a low maintenance building over the 60 year certified life span of the building.

Q: How high can the Thermohouse system be built to?
The Thermohouse system is certified to be built up to 6 storeys.

Q: Can I build a basement with the Thermohouse system?
The Thermohouse system includes a specialised 350mm wide element that takes a 200mm concrete core suitable for the construction of basements and retaining walls. These elements fully comply with both engineering and building regulation requirements.

Q: Is it necessary to waterproof my walls?
The Thermohouse system is similar in this regard to all building design types and where applicable requires tanking and the application of damp proofing (DPC) as normal.

Q: What heating system is required for the Thermohouse build?
The Thermohouse low energy building system is an airtight, thermal envelope with the potential to maintain a constant temperature of approx. 18 degrees Celsius without any primary heating source, e.g. full central or underfloor heating system. The Thermohouse design will capture and retain all heat energy generated through solar gain, activated electrical appliances, lighting, cooking and human activity. This heat will then be purified, managed and circulated by a mechanical heat recovery and air ventilation system. Analysis of completed dwellings have demonstrated that only where the level is required to be above a norm of approx. 18 degree Celsius will any additional heat source be required. The main areas referred to here are hallways and bathrooms. These very low output requirements can be met utilising many varying systems.

Q: Do I require the installation of a recovery ventilation system?
The complete Thermohouse design can achieve an airtightness of 0.6 to 1.5. As a result of this excellent performance the air quality of the dwelling will need to be changed regularly. To achieve this a mechanical ventilation system will be required. The specifications and running costs for such systems with be determined by the requirement of “Air Changes per Hour (AC-HR)”. Our design facilitates for a low output system of 0.35 AC-HR. Such systems come with a heat recovery function and filtered air intake as standard. These systems are designed to supply purified conditioned air to meet both winter and summer requirements.

Q: Is the Thermohouse system easy to build?
Yes The Thermohouse system is flexible to meet all building design types and supplied as assembled elements ready for installation. The system has specific wall elements for corners and window / door ops. The elements are light weight and can be cut by hand with a standard saw. One of the main benefits of choosing the Thermohouse system will be the speed of build. Our experience to date provides a construction guideline of 1 square metre of wall per man per hour inclusive of preparation and concrete pour.

Q: Is there training available for the construction of the Thermohouse building system?
The Thermohouse technical team are available to assist and inspect the installation at strategic stages throughout the build. An information day for all new installers can be arranged at our head office and manufacturing facility in Killarney, Co Kerry, Ireland. All new installers will receive FOC a detailed “step by step” technical manual which provides a comprehensive road map for the erection of your build. Onsite installation assistance is available.

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