On the performance of the house i have to say we are very pleased thus far. At the outset i should point out that the house was built to A1 standard - Thermohouse ICF envelope including Thermohouse roof system, passive standard triple glazed windows and doors throughout, Heat recovery ventilation system and we also have a double sided 12 KW stove in our main living area.

To underline the performance of the house since we moved in April we have no other space heating requirement bar the stove throughout the whole house. When this is mentioned to people they find it very hard to beleive but it is a fact and we are living proof.
Since this sold snap began last weekend we have a decent amount of snowfall 3 -4 inches which has been lying since Sunday night, when i took the pictures attached over an hour ago the outside temp was 0 C, the inside temp was 18.5 C with no stove lighting. When we put the stove lighting the temp in the living area goes to 21 - 22 C (24 C if we put a lot of timber in) and the temp for the remaining downstairs is approx 20 C (bar my office which is north facing, has a door to the outside and is always 2 -3 C lower than rest of house). The upstairs temp is consistently 17 - 19C morning/nightime.

If i was asked what attributes most to the performance of the house i would say the thermohouse roofing system. If you look at pics of the roof (bar south facing) you will see that the snow is continuing to stay on the roof as the heat is being retained by the thermoroof. In a conventional roof the snow would have melted due to heat loss. I would also have to say that getting the sealing mechanism and avoidance of cold bridging in your windows and doors is another critical component in the performance.

Enda Buckley


We moved into the house on 18th January 2011.The carpenter was concerned about movement on the timber floor for two reasons. Firstly the size of the open plan living area was quite large and secondly the house was only newly built. Having tested the moisture content he was surprised at the low readings. It meant that fitting of flooring and doors went ahead quite quickly and there have been no problems since.

There is a gas boiler and under floor heating installed which has not been used since we moved in.
We found that the solid fuel stove with a back boiler has been sufficient to heat the house and hot water during the winter months. We stopped using the solid fuel stove in early April. The solar panels have continued to heat sufficient hot water for daily use since then.

The house is fitted with a heat-recovery-ventilation system, which is in daily use. It keeps the house fresh and free from odours. It means that our open plan living area is odour free despite the fact that the kitchen is part of that living area. A little dog has recently joined our family. Her bed is in the utility room and she is in the process of being house trained but the house is still odour free.

My husband suffers from hay fever and my son suffers from asthma. We all find that the quality of our sleep has improved a lot since we moved in. My son previously had disturbed sleep because of a blocked nose and gradually we found that he needed less inhalers as well. My husband was taking hay fever medication in March 2010 but this year he never used it.

The attic space is much larger than we had expected because of the ICF roof panels. During the sub-zero temperatures in January we began to use the space as an area for drying clothes. By installing an extra outlet and inlet from the HRV system it has prevented a build up of moisture in that space. Our tumble dryer became obsolete even in the winter! Even in the wet areas, towels which are used and left hanging on shower doors are dried out by the next day.

We rented a small cottage of some 500 square feet while the construction was in progress. ESB bills for that cottage averaged 160 euros per 2-monthly bills. We estimate the bills on this 2000 square feet building to be in the region of 150 euros.

We find living in an ICF house to be a very pleasant experience and we're very grateful to our engineer for recommending ICF and HRV. We didn't know what to expect but it has all turned out very well.


Donal & Noirin O' Driscoll.


We’ve been really enjoying the cold snap in our new house with temperatures staying fairly constant, only going in one direction – upwards, when the tumble drier is on! The house has been very comfortable, and we have been happily watching the frost accumulate on the outer pane of the triple glazed windows. The roof has been covered in frost (unless defrosted by the sun) for a while now, so we’re pretty happy that there’s no loss of any heat through the structure itself or any of the windows. The only problem is trying to get dressed for the outside conditions, because looking out the window from the comfort of a constant 20 degrees, it’s just impossible to imagine any kind of cold!

We’re very happy that we opted for ICF, and we’re looking forward to many more winters where the investment continues to pay off.

Nóirín and John Buckley


It is performing very well, we are easily maintaining temperatures of 18-20oC in all the rooms internally.
We have a 15Kw oil boiler which is only cycling on and off( periodically) to keep the temperature up in the buffer tank mostly during the late evening and early morning for DHW.
I have not had a chance to do an air blower test yet but am happy with the performance of the house to date pending outcome of this test

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