Burnfoot, Co. Donegal

Project Overview

The property is located in Burnfoot, Co. Donegal, a region that has been adversely affected by the mica crisis. In response to this our client contacted us for the supply & install of our rapid build, fully certified and complete low energy building system for his rebuild which was the perfect solution.

Thermohouse modules used were our 350mm external wall, internal walls, and Thermoroof system. This project is a 2 storey dwelling & garage.


Testimonial from the homeowner, Stephen


What type of dwelling did you build & why?

Due to the Mica crisis in Donegal, faith in a concrete block is at an all time low.  I chose Thermohouse ICF for strength, value for money, air tightness and all round energy efficiency.

Why did you choose Thermohouse?

After looking at all options, I chose Thermohouse ICF for the reasons mentioned above and after researching other ICF manufacturers, Thermohouse was the standout candidate due to their professional and helpful approach to rebuilding my house.

I would have to say that Thermohouse and the installers (Thermal Shell Construction & GSC Construction) have all been vital to both the rebuild and my state of mind.  Everything was taken care of and every question was answered.

Post completion feedback:

We were very happy to move into our new Thermohouse ICF home last December (2023). We have very low energy expenses and look forward to the Summer when they will be minimal.

We achieved a very good air tightness rating and as a result of the Thermohouse ICF building system, air tightness and geothermal heating, our house has been constantly warm throughout some extremely windy days, here in Donegal.

We are delighted with the overall result and look forward to many years to come in our new home.

I would advise anyone who is considering building with ICF to contact Thermohouse without reservation!

Homeowner, Stephen O'Donnell - Burnfoot, Co.Donegal


Client: Stephen O’Donnell


Architect: Shane McBrearty


Structural Engineer: JSC Consulting


Contractor: Thermal Shell Construction


Location: Burnfoot, County Donegal
Building Type: 2 storey dwelling & garage
Size: 350 sq/m
System Components: thermowall thermoroof
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