Muckross, Killarney

Location: Muckross, Killarney, Co.Kerry
Building Type: 2-storey House
Size: 240m2
System Components: thermowall thermoboard thermoroof thermofloor

“Thermohouse (ICF) – Advantages over other mediums:

1. Easy airtightness, no membranes, concrete does the sealing.

2. Any cantilevers or wide spans are part of the walls. No RSJs are required.

3. Windows are easily [made airtight] with the rebated ICF blocks.

4. Perfect for incorporating a warm roof.

5. Walls not affected by rain or frost [during build].

6. ICF blocks used to D.P.M. level ensures no cold bridging.”

Mr O'Sullivan - Thermohouse Homeowner

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