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What is the benefit of using the Thermohouse building system on commercial builds?

For any developer, engineer, architect or builder involved in a commercial building project, reducing costs and creating profit are essential, making a rapid building programme extremely valuable. The Thermohouse low energy system is an enormous asset to any developer due to its extremely fast construction time and its innovation in building. The Thermohouse System is an uncomplicated, yet effective, modern building technique. The system of EPS blocks and panels are designed to interlock to form an insulated shell. Due to their lightweight nature, they are extremely quick and easy to assemble. In contrast to traditional building methods, our building system can be built under any weather conditions, even in cold and wet weather. Our residential homes are structurally sound and offer outstanding long -term value. Due to their concrete core they are extremely solid, silent and robust. The entire Thermohouse system is fully certified and approved up to 6 storeys. Not only is our building fabric fire resistant, but we offer a 60-year structural guarantee.

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