Thermo floor board panel

The Thermoboard floor panel – the latest revolution

Imagine coming in the front door, kicking off your shoes, or, stepping out of the shower and having that lovely warm feeling under your feet. We all want the best for our homes, we want style, comfort and modern amenities. Unfortunately, a lot of us have to concede on one or more of these requirements. House design can often become a ‘must have’ over a ‘like to have’ activity. How about if you could have it all? At Thermohouse, we have designed a floor panel which is cost effective, high performing and quick to install. It completely simplifies the addition of underfloor heating in your home.

As the demand for housing continues to rise in Ireland and the United Kingdom, innovative solutions are needed to address the challenges of limited space, energy efficiency, and construction speed.

One such solution that is gaining traction in both countries is duplex housing, and when combined with cutting-edge construction methods like Thermohouse ICF, it presents a promising path forward. In this article, we will explore the concept of duplex housing, its advantages, challenges, and how Thermohouse ICF can offer solutions that redefine the way duplexes are built.

Design process of the new Thermopanel product

Duplex housing, known as maisonettes in the UK, refers to a residential building comprising two separate but mirror-image living units, often stacked on top of each other, with each unit having its own entrance. This arrangement maximizes the efficient use of space in urban areas while providing residents with the privacy and benefits of a standalone home.

Key features of duplex housing include:

Separate Entrances: Each unit in a duplex has its own private entrance, ensuring privacy and independence for the occupants of each side.

Shared Wall: Duplex units are often attached to one another, sharing a common wall (referred to as a party wall). This shared wall is designed to minimize noise transfer between the two units.

What Is ThermoPanel?

ThermoBoard is an under-floor heating panel which can form part of the Thermohouse building system. It is a high-density, insulation board manufactured from expanded polystyrene (EPS).

Thermoboard can be used as part of your ground floor build up, to provide you with a warm, well insulated floor.

ThermoBoard Typical Values

Thermoboard is manufactured in a variety of thicknesses to achieve U-Values as low as 0.12w/m2k.

Thermal Conductivity 0.3W/m2K
U Value 0.12 for 225mm board
0.15 for 180mm board
0.27 for 100mm board
0.33 for 80mm board
0.40 for 60mm board
Panel Thickness 60 – 225mm
Type EPS

Why use ThermoPanel?

This insulated floor panel has been designed with underfloor heating in mind. The ThermoBoard’s surface is moulded so that under floor heating pipes can be fitted on top with ease. Plumbers can now walk in UFHP, removing the need for rails and tracks. The Installation time for underfloor heating pipes can reduced by up to 60%!

What are the benefits for under floor heating?

  • Saves you money
  • Installation time for underfloor heating system reduced by up to 60%
  • As the boards interlock and overlap it removes the need to tape their joints.
  • Removes the need for costly fixing materials such as polythene sheeting, track and rail fixing and/or clips
  • Eliminates cold bridging
  • They present a more stable working surface during installation

Advantages of the new Thermopanel product

Space Efficiency: Duplex housing optimizes space by housing two families on the same lot, making it an ideal choice for densely populated urban areas.


Privacy: Each unit has its own entrance and living spaces, providing a level of privacy similar to single-family homes.


Cost-Efficiency: Shared construction costs for a duplex often make homeownership more affordable for families and individuals.


Rental Income: Duplex owners can generate rental income by leasing out one unit, helping offset mortgage costs.


Sustainability: Efficient use of land and shared walls contribute to a smaller environmental footprint.

Challenges solved by new Thermopanel product

While duplex housing offers many advantages, it also presents certain challenges:

Energy Efficiency: Ensuring both units meet energy efficiency standards can be challenging, especially in older buildings.

Noise Control: Shared walls can lead to noise issues, requiring effective soundproofing.

Privacy Concerns: Balancing privacy for both units can be tricky, especially in layouts with shared spaces like gardens.

Construction Speed: Rapid construction is often essential in high-demand urban areas, and traditional construction methods may not meet timelines.

Environmental Impact: Traditional construction materials and methods can have a significant environmental impact.

Thermohouse Low energy Building System: The Solution

Thermohouse ICF is a revolutionary construction method that addresses many of the challenges associated

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