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Our Origins

Thermohouse founder and Managing Director Michael Cronin has worked in the construction industry for more than two decades. From humble beginnings as quarry operator in 1994, the business grew and diversified. In 2001, MC Group was formed and is now one of Ireland’s leading building materials manufacturers and suppliers, with several locations across Munster.

In 2004, MC Group commenced a research and development programme with the aim of developing an innovative building method to deliver future proofed homes. Over next few years, the research team explored and assessed various building systems across the globe to develop a system which would meet three main requirements:

The system needed to be:


1) Energy efficient
2) Structurally robust
3) A complete building solution


From this research Thermohouse was born, and over the years we have developed a system which delivers on these 3 original promises.

Our mission at Thermohouse is to supply a building system that is not only sustainable but that has the ability to provide comfort, security and a cost-effective solution to the home owner for the duration of their occupancy.”

– Michael Cronin Managing Director of Thermohouse.

Manufactured in Ireland

The entire Thermohouse building system is produced in our state of the art manufacturing facility in Killarney, co. Kerry, Ireland

Our 2-key materials, EPS and galvanised steel, are fused together to form blocks and panels through the process of injections moulding and extrusion. Each element is rigorously tested and endorsed by the relevant certifying bodies.

Our Technical Team

The Thermohouse team are ICF experts with specialist knowledge and skills, experienced in working with both self-build and industry professionals. We endeavour to provide the best possible service to our clients, providing CPDs and technical advice to the design team, prior to and during the build.

In addition to this, Thermohouse can provide expert trained installers to guarantee the best and swiftest construction for you and your build.

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