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Satisfying Your Needs – Warmth and Space

Having insulated walls is all well and good, but if your roof isn’t insulated airtight heat loss is going to be an issue. We all think of roof insulation as a material we add once the roof structure in place. What if the structure and the insulation could be combined? At Thermohouse we have designed an insulated roofing system which requires minimal structural support. Once in place, they ensure that your roof is airtight and stays warm and draught free all year round.

The panels not only provide an energy efficient, warm roof, but open up a world of possibilities for a space traditionally used as attic storage. Without bulky timber rafters, you can maximise your attic space to create an extra bedroom or office.

What’s more these easy to install panels can be used to create any roof design imaginable, from pitched, flat or barn style.

What Is ThermoRoof?

The Thermohouse roofing panel consists of two steel C-sections encased in a moulded panel of expanded polystyrene (EPS). Due to their tongue and grooved lateral edges, these insulated roof panels completely interlock with one another. This forms an airtight barrier between the external elements and the internal environment.

The insulated roofing panels come in a standard 250mm depth profile. However, they can be produced to meet the customer’s pitch and length requirements.

ThermoRoof Typical Values


Depth Width Length Weight U-Value
250mm 510mm Cut to length 13kg/m2 0.15W/m2K

Where are they used?

The ThermoRoof can be used independently on a new build, extension or roof conversion. Our insulated panels have a wide variety of applications:

What are the benefits of ThermoRoof Insulated Roofing panels?

The ThermoRoof roofing panels are excellent for achieving energy regulatory requirements, saving money for the home owner and adding structural strength, warmth and value to the building.

  • Quick and simple to install due to their ease of handling and interlocking edges.
  • Lightweight and portable, generally removing the need for cranes.
  • Versatile nature makes the panes Ideal for any roof type or design load.
  • Unique design provides clear fixing points through to the steels within.
  • The attic space is completely insulated, available to be used as another living space.
  • The space is further increased by the absence of roof trusses.
  • Draughts are prevented ensuring the house is kept warm year-round.
  • Airtightness delivers considerable savings on energy bills.
  • Mould and rot resistance

How are ThermoRoofs Constructed?

ThermoRoof Panels are lightweight but extremely strong as they are each reinforced within by 2 steel C-section running their entire length. Compared to traditional roof structures, ThermoRoofs require minimal support. These lightweight panels can free span 3.5M or more dependent on location, and up to 12M with intermediate support in the form of purlins or knee walls. Generally, a wall plate and ridge beam will suffice, so this removes the need for space eroding rafters, A-frames, or trusses.

The panels interlock and are fixed into each timber/steel support below, through both of their steel C-sections. Once they are fixed in place, they can be finished in the traditional manner: primary battens, breather membrane, secondary battens and your chosen roof covering.

ThermoRoof panels interlocking edges

ThermoRoof panels with roof finishes

The Thermohouse Complete Building System

Used in conjunction with the ThermoWall, ThermoFloor and ThermoBoard, these elements marry together to form the ideal energy efficient building.

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