Thermohouse Insulated Floor Panel – ThermoFloor

Satisfying Your Needs – Solid, silent floors and open plan living areas

With the combination of insulation and concrete, our ThermoFloor panels form an excellent acoustic barrier between floors. What’s more, owing to the structural steel built into our floors, you can have that open plan living area you’ve always wanted.

Have the layout you want without compromise. No more noise and no more creaky floors!

What Is ThermoFloor?

ThermoFloor is an EPS panel embedded with steel C-sections. These insulated panels are used to form cast in situ concrete floors and flat roofs. These easy to install insulated panels enhance both the acoustic and insulation properties of a building.

The floor panels are manufactured in 2 standard thicknesses: 160mm and 210mm, and lengths up to 10M, dependent on the project requirements. The panels are extremely light and easy to handle. They weigh a mere 6 kilos per linear meter.

ThermoFloor 160mm

ThermoFloor 210mm

ThermoFloor Typical Values


Depth Width Length Concrete Strength
160mm & 210mm 600mm Up to 10m 35KN

What are the Benefits of ThermoFloor Insulated Floor Panels?

  • Excellent noise reduction and sound barrier between floors
  • Thermal insulation and airtightness between floors
  • Lightweight and ease of use results in considerable time reduction for the installation
  • No need for cranes
  • Clean sites, no waste or messy wet trades required
  • Installation process is safer than other flooring systems due to its portability.
  • Unique design provides clear fixing points through to the steels within.
  • Superb reinforced concrete structure
  • Excellent thermal solution for flat roofs

Where are they used?

ThermoFloor panels have a wide variety of applications.

How are ThermoFloors Constructed?

The process involved in installing the ThermoFloor panels are similar to that of a hollow core slab due to their modular design. However, as these insulated panels are composed of EPS and light gauge steel, they are extremely lightweight and portable.

In most cases, using ThermoFloor panels means that you remove the need for lifting cranes entirely. Instead these panels can be manually handled into position. In fact, a finished ThermoFloor can be less than half the weight of hollow core precast floor, yet provide the same load capacity!

Each ThermoFloor panel has interlocking edges which allow them to quickly and efficiently slot together. Once laid, steel rebar is placed along the entire length of the panel in the T-beam at every panel joint. A layer of mesh is tied on top and concrete screed is poured on top of this.

If the ThermoFloor panels are installed in conjunction with ThermoWalls, the two elements are tied together, creating a monolithic structural frame which is completely airtight.


Fixing points on underside of panels into steel C-sections within
Interlocking lateral edges
Structural T-beams within the floor

The Thermohouse Complete Building System

Used in conjunction with the ThermoWall, ThermoRoof and ThermoBoard, these elements marry together to form the ideal energy efficient building.

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