Thermohouse: How is it made? – The production of the Thermohouse System

Where does the production take place?

The entire Thermohouse building system is produced our state of the art manufacturing facility in Killarney, co. Kerry, Ireland

What do we manufacture?

Thermohouse manufacture each element of our building system to ensure a high-quality standard is guaranteed. This ensures that we have full transparency on our product. Each element is rigorously tested and endorsed by the relevant certifying bodies.


Our 2-key materials EPS and galvanised steel are fused together to form blocks and panels through the process of injection moulding and extrusion.

Moulding Machine

ICF Block – Insulation fused with metal inserts

Galvanised steel coil roll formed into 2 C-sections providing a continuous feed to the ThermoFloor ThermoRoof panels

Continuous moulding machine extruding ThermoFloor


Thermohouse – The complete energy efficient building system

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