Achieving the Nearly Zero Building Standard (NZEB)

NZEB means a building that has a very high energy performance where the nearly zero or very low amount of energy required should be covered to a very significant extent by energy from renewable sources. All new buildings will need to meet the NZEB standard by the 31st of December 2020.

The thermohouse solution

The Thermohouse complete building system can easily achieve and surpass the NZEB requirements.

Customer Testimonials

“On the performance of the house I have to say we are very pleased thus far. At the outset I should point out that the house was built to A1 standard – Thermohouse ICF envelope including Thermohouse roof system. To underline the performance of the house since we moved in we have no other space heating requirement bar the stove throughout the whole house.”

Enda Buckley – Thermohouse Homeowner

“We find living in an ICF house to be a very pleasant experience and we’re very grateful to our engineer for recommending ICF and HRV. My husband suffers from hay fever and my son suffers from asthma. We all find that the quality of our sleep has improved a lot since we moved in.”

Donal & Noirin O' Driscoll – Thermohouse Homeowner

“We’ve been really enjoying the cold snap in our new house with temperatures staying fairly constant, only going in one direction – upwards, when the tumble drier is on! The house has been very comfortable. The roof has been covered in frost for a while now, so we’re pretty happy that there’s no loss of any heat through the structure itself or any of the windows. The only problem is trying to get dressed for the outside conditions, because looking out the window from the comfort of a constant 20 degrees, it’s just impossible to imagine any kind of cold! We’re very happy that we opted for ICF, and we’re looking forward to many more winters where the investment continues to pay off.”

Nóirín and John Buckley – Thermohouse Homeowner

“It is performing very well, we are easily maintaining temperatures of 18-20oC in all the rooms internally. We have a 15Kw oil boiler which is only cycling on and off (periodically) to keep the temperature up in the buffer tank mostly during the late evening and early morning for DHW.”

Donal – Thermohouse Homeowner

System Overview

Discover the better way to build

The Thermohouse Low Energy Building System consists of components including Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) Walls and energy efficient floor and roof systems. These components, combined with the strength of concrete and the thermal benefits of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), provide a strong, durable, airtight building with the flexibility to meet most building situations. The use of this system will enable the occupier not only to benefit from the low energy requirement but also to enjoy the superior indoor air quality and living environment.

Why choose Thermohouse?

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Thermohouse – The complete energy efficient building system