Social & Affordable Housing Provider

Challenges faced by Local Authorities & Housing Associations

  • Speed and cost of build
  • Energy efficiency and the critical issue of ‘Fuel Poverty’
  • Meeting nZEB standards
  • Long term maintenance of housing stock
  • Life time value of housing
  • Efficient use of available development sites
  • Future proofing homes

Thermohouse Solution


  • Built up to 60% faster than traditional construction methods
  • A1 rated eco-homes which are up to 60% more energy efficient than a standard house
  • Houses meet and exceed nZEB standards
  • Elimination of draughts and mould, in a monolithic concrete structure fully wrapped in insulation
  • 60-year structural guarantee
  • Certified for up to 6 storeys
  • Ideal for integration of Solar PV, EV Chargers etc.


Rapid Build
Up to 60% faster

Exceeds NZEB

60 Year Structural

Complete Building System
Manufactured in Ireland

Thermohouse Social & Affordable Housing Projects

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