Countess Road, Killarney, Co. Kerry

Executive Summary

In the past Paudie Sheahan has opted for the more conventional types of construction methods. This would include traditional brick and block, timber frame and SIP’s. He has tried precast concrete panels, cast in situ concrete frames and steel frames. For his new housing development ‘Bluebell Grove’ in Killarney, County Kerry he formerly looked into various ICF systems.


Upon trying these approaches, a few problems were presented to Paudie. Firstly, he noticed that none of them were suitable for use in wet weather. This caused serious complications for project progress particularly during winter months. He also observed issues with the concrete blocks regarding the cavity. He was particularly unsatisfied with the level of cold bridging that occurred from this.

How Thermohouse Helped

Thermohouse was the ideal product that was needed to fulfil Paudie’s desires. It provided him with a new type of development that is extremely sufficient and easy to heat. It future proofed each of the properties by ensuring they met the ‘A’ rating for carbon footprint requirements. It incorporated Heat Recovery Ventilation and met part L of the building regulations. It gave the opportunity for flexible design and was certified up to 6 storeys. Thermohouse Ltd. were very easy to work with providing a competitive build cost, limited amounts of waste, full technical support on site and made all materials extremely available. It was hassle free.

There were many returns for Paudie thanks to Thermohouse. He now owns properties that can boast low running and maintenance costs with no draughts, leaks, condensation or mould. The homes are of high quality and have an excellent resale value as well as a min lifespan of 60 + years. The speed of the build was impeccable. It is now a fully approved system from basement to roof. It made daily business simple as it is not weather dependent. Paudie would not hesitate in using this in the future due to Thermohouse providing excellent insulation, its ease of use and the speed of the build.

Michael Sheahan & Sons Builders Ltd.


The family owned building contractors based in Co. Kerry, have been operating for over fifteen years. They are principally involved in the construction of residential buildings.

Location: Countess Road, Killarney, Co.Kerry
Building Type: Housing Development: 6 no. 3 Storey Houses
Size: 2,926 ft2
System Components: thermowall thermoboard thermoroof thermofloor

“I have no issues, the system is perfect……. “I would recommend the system to anybody”.

Developer Paudie Sheahan, Michael Sheahan & Sons Builders Ltd.

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