‘Thermohouse have won the award of outright winners in ‘Excellence in Construction, Energy Efficient Homes’ in the 20th Anniversary award issue of the Public Sector Magazine’


The Thermohouse building system comprises interlocking walls, floors and roof modules that delivers high quality concrete-build homes fully enveloped in insulation.

Using only premium high-quality materials, Thermohouse deliver A-rated eco homes up to 60% faster (structure) than traditional methods of construction. The modular nature of this system reduces the labour requirements and streamlines the building process.

“We are an Irish manufacturer, supplier and installer of an all-in-one energy efficient building system comprising of interlocking walls, floors and roof modules,” explains Managing Director Michael Cronin. “Every element of our system is designed to integrate, simplifying the construction process while optimising the performance of the building. When the system is constructed what you have is essentially a reinforced concrete structure fully wrapped in insulation. It is the only system of its kind in Ireland and the UK.”

With a manufacturing facility in Killarney, Co Kerry the company offer a supply only or supply and install service, as well as a full turnkey solution for their low energy building system.

“Our mission at Thermohouse is to supply a building system that is not only sustainable but that has the ability to provide comfort, security and a cost-effective
solution to the home owner for the duration of their occupancy” Cronin says. He is particularly enthusiastic about working in the public sector
and this is a hugely relevant market for Thermohouse: “We are in a position to supply the massive demand for affordable housing in Ireland. We can deliver housing quickly and to a very high standard. Tenants will not only benefit from having a warm home, but our super energy efficient houses will also help to combat fuel poverty.”

The benefits of the Thermohouse system are clear and the company are working in partnership with Clúid Housing, Kerry County Council and Rebuilding Ireland, to deliver 61 energy efficient houses at the Sruthán na Sailí development in Derreen, Killarney – one of Ireland’s largest sustainable social housing developments. The company has also won a tender with Clúid to supply 54 energy efficient houses in Milltown, Co. Kerry.

With heating costs increasing year on year the advantages of Thermohouse really stack up. The system creates an energy efficient eco home that reduces energy consumption and costs throughout the lifetime of the building. In addition, the Thermohouse system can assist to achieve the strict Passive House standards, creating the ultimate home for energy efficiency.

Managing Director Michael Cronin is justifiably proud of this innovative building system. “We are delivering a solution with predictable outcomes – u-values, airtightness, speed of build and importantly, whole life value for occupants. Additionally, as our system is locally manufactured, we offer a lower carbon footprint for delivery in Ireland.

“We provide occupants with future-proofed homes which are built to last. Our buildings are rapid to construct – up to 60% faster than a traditional build – and as they have superior levels of airtightness, heating costs are considerably reduced. Our homes also meet and regularly exceed the EU’s ‘nearly Zero Energy Building’ Directive for new builds completed after 31 December 2020.”

Posted in Public Sector Awards Magazine 2020

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