Thermohouse Project Featured on Grand Designs: The Street


The premiere of Grand Designs: The Street detailed the self-building process of Terry & Olwen in Graven Hill. Their house featured creative designs and their ambitions to physically build it themselves meant an efficient and easy building system was vital – hence the prevalence of ICF construction.

The Building Process:


Terry & Olwen had to be incredibly efficient during construction due to some setbacks in the beginning of their building project, as well as strict time limits. Thermohouse were delighted to supply our Thermoroof panels, which can be installed rapidly and assisted the clients in meeting their tight deadlines. In the words of their neighbour Lynn, who was also building, and had a little bit more difficulty with a traditional roofing system, “Terry has got an amazing roof, all the way from Ireland!”


This is an image of thermoroof panels being delivered

Thermoroof panels being delivered on Grand Designs: The Street


Terry installed the Thermoroof panels himself and highlighted the ease with which they went up, allowing the building process to continue on schedule – “Our Thermoroof insulated roofing system. Love it, love it!”


This is an image of thermoroof panels being installed

Terry installing Thermoroof panels on Grand Designs: The Street


The installation of the Thermoroof system made the building process easier for Terry & Olwen due to its simple and rapid nature, and easily accommodated their more complex design.

“This is the moment I’ve been waiting for, to actually see this roof!”


This is an image of Thermoroof panels being installed

Thermoroof panels being installed

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