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Green Roof

Green Roofs


What is a Green Roof?


A green roof is a roof that replaces typical roof tiles with plants. The green roof has been around for centuries and is also known as an ‘eco roof’, ‘living roof’ or ‘sedum roof’.


What are the benefits of a Green Roof?


Green roofs are very compatible with low energy houses and ICF houses. They are natural insulators, absorbing heat in the winter and reducing the amount of heat absorbed in summer.

The green roof has the ability to create a new ecosystem for animals, butterflies and more. If colourful plants and flowers are utilised correctly, it creates a beautiful scenery that gives a break from the traditional tiled roofs.

Green roofs improve the air quality and eradicate the need for complicated drainage systems. They prevent water runoff from heavy rainfall and storms, preventing flooding, erosion and the runoff of sewage into rivers? Green roofs absorb 60%-100% of storm water

Green roofs have a longer lifespan that traditional roofs. This is because they are naturally protected from the wear and tear experienced by traditional roofs as a result of weather fluctuations etc.


What types of Green Roof are there?


There are two types of green roof available: intensive and extensive.




Intensive green roofs are essentially rooftop gardens/parks. They can sustain walking paths, benches, trees etc. They require a greater level of structural support and are typically heavier than extensive roofs, weighing around 36-38 kilograms per square foot.


This is an image of an intensive green roof

Thermohouse Intensive Green Roof




Extensive green roofs function solely for an environmental purpose. They are not accessible roof gardens and are much lighter at 7-23 kilograms per square foot. This is because they require less structural support. They are easily maintained as they are generally self-sufficient.


This is an image of an extensive green roof

Thermohouse Extensive Green Roof



Are there any disadvantages to a Green Roof?


Green roofs can be more expensive than a traditional roof initially, but this can be offset without the need for expensive drainage and maintenance works.

Green roofs are also a very distinctive style and definitely not suitable for every building project. You have to be very sure of your decision before committing to a green roof.


Is Thermohouse compatible with Green Roofs?


Yes, our system supports Green Roofs. See detail below.


This is an image of the thermohouse green roof detail

Green Roof Detail

Thermohouse Green Roof/Sedum Roof Detail Note*:

25mm sedum blanket

On growing medium

On filter membrane

On drainage board

On moisture retention layer

On single ply membrane

On structural screed laid at 1:80 fall

On 210mm ThermoFloor panel (used to form flat roof structure)


*Detail to be designed by Architect/Architectural Technologist


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