LIVE: Westport, Co. Mayo

Project Overview

Our client first contacted us in November 2019 to quote for the supply and install of our complete building system for his bungalow in Westport, Co. Mayo. This consisted of our 350mm external block, 250mm & 300mm internal block and Thermoroof. The layout of the house is a stepped  bungalow with pitched and flat roof.

How Thermohouse helped

The Thermohouse team commenced onsite in late 2020. This is a complicated build due to 3 different ground floor levels throughout and extensive window openings. With a square footage of 3,890ft2 consisting of a wall area of approximately 600m2 and 450m2 roof, this would be one of the larger builds seen in Ireland. Thermohouse, along with the Client & Engineer, were able to simplify a lot of the original engineering details prior to and during the build reducing the program length and budget.

The client is extremely happy with progress and workmanship onsite and has been more than helpful in making sure no delays are experienced onsite.


Engineer: Lallys

Architect: Lallys

Building Contractor: Thermohouse

Location: Westport, County Mayo
Building Type:  Bungalow
Size: 3,890ft2
System Components: thermowall thermoroof thermofloor
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