LIVE: Cultra, Co. Down

Project Overview

We have completed numerous projects with this client and he approached the Thermohouse team to quote for the blockwork and roof of a luxury 3 storey apartment development at Seafront Road in Cultra, Co. Down. This consisted of our 300mm external block, 300mm party block and Thermoroof.

How Thermohouse helped

The total square footage of the development is 12,000ft2 consisting of a wall area of approximately 1230m2 and 300m2 roof. Thermohouse, along with the Client & Architect, were able to simplify a lot of the original details prior to and during the build reducing program and budget.

All is going well onsite, with delivery of roofing panels to arrive next.


Architect: Jones Archirects

Building Contractor: Thermalshell

Location: Seafront Road, Cultra, County Down
Building Type: 3 storey apartment
Size: 12,000 ft2
System Components: thermowall thermoroof
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