Thermohouse ICF Wall System: ThermoWall

Satisfying Your Needs – Space, Light, Warmth and Security

We all start our house building journey with a long list of ideas, built up from years of dreaming of owning our own home. Whether it’s an open plan kitchen-living room, or large glazing that opens out to a garden. Imagine being able to get all the features you dreamed of from your new home without any trade-offs. A modern home that spacious, bright and energy efficient. Wouldn’t it be great to come home to a house that’s always perfectly warm? How about never having to pay a heating bill again?

We all want to feel safe and comfortable in our homes. We walk inside our front door from our hectic day at work or with the kids. We want peace and quiet and the time to relax. Imagine lying on the couch and catching up on some overdue reading or the latest football highlights, without the noise of your kids or neighbours above or below you.

At Thermohouse, our ThermoWall system provides you with a solid and safe home. Our insulated concrete walls are reinforced, allowing you to have large floor to ceiling windows, corner window features or bifold doors. Our ThermoWalls give you privacy, allowing you to create your own sanctuary to unwind in, while the kids get to have their own space to play and enjoy themselves.

What Is Thermowall?

ThermoWall is an insulated concrete formwork (ICF) building system – It produces reinforced concrete walls fully wrapped in insulation, eliminating all cold bridging.

The insulating concrete formwork (ICF) system consists of expanded polystyrene (EPS) components utilised as the formwork for plain or reinforced engineered concrete walls cast in-situ. These components come in the form of a block, comprising of two leaves of EPS, of which the outer leaf may vary in thickness depending on the U-value required.

Considering the expansive nature of concrete and the necessity to vibrate the mix once poured into a shutter, we made an important decision when designing our ICF wall blocks. The EPS leaves are tied together by galvanised steel inserts. These inserts not only add rigidity to the blocks, but they also add extra reinforcement, strength and crack prevention to the concrete, as well as security for the reinforcement steel which is rested upon grooves in the metal bridges. The result: straight, robust and uniform walls which will stand the test of time.

ThermoWall Values


Depth Width Length Concrete Strength Airtightness U-Value
250mm 250mm – 450mm 1200mm 25-35KN ≥0.56 ac/h 0.195 – 0.10W/m2K

ThermoWall ICF Block Types

Passive Platinum Wall Block

U-Value: 0.1W/m2K

Passive Gold Wall Block

U-Value: 0.12W/m2K

Standard External Wall Block

U-Value: 0.195W/m2K

Basement Wall Block

U-Value: 0.195W/m2K

Internal loadbearing wall block

U-Value: N/A Internal Use

Party wall block

U-Value: N/A Internal Use

What are the Benefits of ThermoWall ICF Construction?

Exceptional energy efficiency

Top class sound insulation

Free year-round warmth and comfort

Speed of build

Outstanding levels of airtightness

Design flexibility

Superior structures that stand the test of time

Easy to transport and even easier to assemble

Where can ThermoWall be used?

Our ICF construction method can be built on top of strip, trench, or piled foundations as part of a united system that delivers a complete thermal envelope.

The ThermoWall blocks can be used for all external and internal load bearing walls in a property –from the basement to the underside of the roof. As the external and internal ICF walls are built together a storey at a time, they form a monolithic concrete structure.

Our ICF wall System is being used on a variety of building types, from basements, town houses, terrace housing up to six storey apartment blocks. It’s a quick and effective methof for any type of design be it a modern curved building or a traditional vernacular style.

Thermowall blocks can be used independently for new builds, extensions and refurbishments or as part of the overall Thermohouse system.

How are ThermoWalls constructed?

The lightweight ICF wall blocks have raised interlocking surfaces. This results in coursework being erected on site quickly and easily. Once the ThermoWall ICF blocks are laid, they are braced internally with our propping system and their cavities filled with concrete. In this manner, they act as a permanent, and importantly, insulated, shutter for cast in situ concrete walls.


Interlocking Surfaces

Easy blocks stacking

Easy filling with concrete

The Thermohouse Complete Building System

Used in conjunction with the ThermoRoof, ThermoFloor and ThermoBoard, these elements marry together to form the ideal energy efficient building.

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