How do I easily contact Thermohouse?

We would love to hear about your upcoming project or answer any technical questions you may have. To contact us please fill out our ‘contact form’ here. Alternatively call our office to speak to one of our technical sales advisers: +353 (0) 64 663 1307

Does Thermohouse offer a Technical Support Service?

Thermohouse offers a complete in-house tech support in respect of our products, our technical support office has industry professionals such as Structural Engineers, CAD technicians, Quantity Surveyors & Estimators to assist with your project.

Do you have sub contractors?

Yes we have a large number of sub -contractors all over Ireland, the office can advise on the ones based on your area.

Do you have an install service for the builds?

Yes we offer an install service. We do not do a turnkey solution. We would come into a project when the foundation is in place and then construct the deadwork section of the build at which point the build is handed back over to the client for ground slab etc....

What type of foundation is needed?

The system works with any type of foundation you choose to use. The only variance would be the amount of ICF product required.

How does the roof system work?

The roof panel is made to order as per design requirements and will free span 4.0m fixed to wall plate and ridge on chamfered timber beams. Longer lengths of panels up to 10.0m max will require support purlins every 4.0m. Any steel supports required will need to be...

What is the U-Value of your floor system?

The Thermofloor 210mm is used as a suspended floor. This achieves a U-Value of 0.20 however when used with the required inserts the U-Value achieved is 0.16

What is the U-Value of your wall product?

This depends on the thickness of wall block you decide to use. Please see the table below; Our 350mm Wall block = 0.15W/M2K (Passive House and NZEB compliant)

Is ICF Expensive?

No. Time, cost and quality are critical in construction. ICF delivers a solution with predictable outcomes. When you factor in that the Thermohouse Low energy building system achieves: low u-values, exceptional airtightness without membranes, and virtual elimination...

Why Build an Airtight House?

You should endeavour to have the external envelope of your building as a airtight as possible, for the following reasons: Reduced energy demand for heating Elimination of cold draughts in living areas Removed risk of moisture penetration and building damage caused by...

Why Choose ICF?

ICF systems such as Thermohouse are much faster to erect than traditional building methods, allowing other areas of construction to commence earlier, reducing the overall project programme. ICF provides all the strength and durability of traditional reinforced...
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