Inchydoney, Co. Cork

Project Overview

Our clients’ previous accommodation consisted of a timber frame home. “It wasn’t insulated properly so it was baking when the sun got in and during the cold months we had to turn on the heaters full blast, I felt it was such a waste of energy!”. For their new home they wanted it to be well-insulated. Speed and space maximisation were further reasons why they chose ICF. “To build the roof, a T-shape steel structure was put in place, a steel bar placed lengthwise, and the panels then simply clicked together – this gave us lots of room in the attic space”

Their bungalow in Inchydoney, County Cork, featured large corner windows. These large glazing areas were achieved using ThermoWall ICF blocks which were reinforced to provide support. Thermohouse supplied ThermoWall external and internal ICF wall blocks, as well as insulated structural ThermoRoof panels. The bungalow was built by a contractor appointed by the client, Thermohouse provided technical support.


Architect and Planning Consultant: Daly, Barry and Associates

Engineer: Denis O’Sullivan & Associates

Builder: Brian Collins

Location: Inchydoney, Co. Cork
Building Type: One storey double bungalow
Size: 212m2
System Components: thermowall thermoroof

“In fact the build went up so quickly we were delayed by the electricity connection and the windows, not the structure itself!…..For our new home, I was very conscious that we were building two bungalows that basically were attached to one another, which means the house is quite deep. So, when we inherited the site, we thought that, although we were familiar with blockwork, an ICF home would be better able to guarantee the kind of insulation I was looking for. Both the roof and the walls were built with ICF. The floor has an ICF layer in the foundations too, then we put in poured concrete. And I can tell you that the bare floor is never cold!”


Inchydoney, Co. Cork

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